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Made in China. Since 1892

Kreiner was founded by Georg Kreiner. The company is involved in manufacturing bath tubs, whirlpools, aluminum shower screens and steam shower cabins. Its mission is to have the highest quality products at an affordable value. Kreiner also provides an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) business wherein it produces products under a customer’s brand name.

Strict control of its production process and the usage of the latest European technology made it possible for the company to reach the highest quality production. Kreiner also imports quality materials such as acrylic sheets while having the production in China in order to lessen costs without sacrificing the product’s quality. Through its expertise in mold making, such as using aluminum powder mould, its products are made to be more durable and long-lasting.

Through the years, Kreiner has garnered numerous customers worldwide in countries such as Germany, Holland, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada. In the future, it aims to become one of the best producers in China.